Live Results

On race day you will be able to see your results as soon as you have finished your race. Give this URL out to your family and friends so they will have it on race day.

Updated for 2018

Live results for the Full Marathon

Live results for the Relays

Live result for the Half Marathon

Live results for the 10k

Live results for the 5k

The Maui Marathon will be using Sportstats West for race timing. Sportstats is the top timers in the timing industry and they do a great job.

Finisher e-certificates will be available online the day of the race and throughout the year.

The Maui Marathon will be timed using an RFID timing system, as well as disposable timing chip, which is attached to the back of each participant’s race number. The disposable chip requires no battery and has no weight. There will be live results as the runners cross the timing mats out on the course. The location of the timing mats will be:

  • The Full Marathon Start.
  • Full Marathon halfway point – Live Results
  • Half Marathon, 10k and 5k start.
  • Half Marathon turn around spot – Live Results
  • Turn around for the 10k point.
  • Finish Line. – Live Results

In order to have split times and finish times your bib must be pinned and be visibly on the front of your chest throughout the race or you will not get times.  You must cross all timing splits in order to qualify for awards.

  • There is no need to return the chips post race.
  • Official time results available online. The URL will be posted here weeks before the race.
  • No chip or race number. No time. No exceptions.