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1. Where can I find detailed information regarding shuttles prior to the Race?

For the Marathon Relay, the shuttle instructions will be on your Relay Instructions sheet included in your race packet.  Information and schedules can also be found on the Maui Marathon Relay race page on our website.

2.  Can we use our own vehicles?

Yes, teams may use their own vehicles for their team – ONE vehicle only per team.  There is NO parking at the start line area so you may drop off your 1st runner only and immediately proceed to the first exchange point at N. Kihei Rd.  There is also NO parking at the finish line area.  The driver of your vehicle will need to utilize the Lahaina Civic Center parking lot and our shuttles to get to the finish line.  We strongly suggest you secure a room at the Westin Maui Resort & Spa for your stay, if rooms are available, so that you will have a parking spot that is within walking distance to the finish line.

3. Where are the Relay exchange zones located?

There are 3 relay exchange points.  Visit the Maui Marathon Relay race page on our website for an overview and course maps.  Please carefully read the detailed relay instructions, including any relay exchange zone information.

4. What will we hand off at the exchange zones?

Your race packet will contain 5 race bibs.  Each runner must wear a race bib.  The 5th race bib will have a timing chip fixed to the back of the bib.  This race bib will be on a race belt and must be handed off at each exchange zone.  If this bib does not cross the checkpoints on the course or the finish line your team may not get a time.

5.  Where do we get a race belt?

A race belt will be included in your packet.

6. How can I register my Relay team?

Register for the 2017 Maui Marathon Relay at or click on the “Register” button on our website.  The Marathon Relay is limited to 25 teams only.

7.  Can a team have less than 4 runners?

Yes, however, teams with less than 4 runners will not qualify for awards.

8. Can I change a runner on a team with another individual?

Team changes can be made up until October 1st.  After October 1st, you must go to the Solutions desk at the Expo.  You cannot choose different shirt sizes. You must pick up the original shirts ordered and see if the new shirt size(s) is available on race day.

9. I’m a Captain or non-running coordinator who has paid for the entire team. I signed the waiver when I created the team. How will the runners on my team sign their waivers?

As Captain or non-running coordinator you must be authorized by the participants to execute the Release on their behalf as their agent and your signature constitutes acceptance of the Release by you and by the participants on the team.  You are taking full responsibility for signing the electronic waiver on behalf of the participants when you sign the team up.  Please read the online waiver carefully when you register.

10. I need more information on the Relay.

Please visit our Maui Marathon Relay page for complete details.

11. Can I switch legs with a fellow team member?

Yes, we don’t track which of your runners are running the legs so we do not need that information.

12. Can a team captain or team member pick up the entire team’s packet?

We highly recommend that the captain and team runners attend the expo together for a last minute safety briefing with our staff.

The captain can pick up the packet for the entire team.  An individual team runner can pick up their own part of the packet.