After very careful consideration and discussion, the Race Director, Maui Marathon Committee, and the Board of Directors of Valley Isle Road Runners have made the extremely difficult decision to postpone the 2020 Maui Marathon events to Sunday, April 25, 2021.

The COVID-19 virus has created much uncertainty as to the possible continued restrictions of large gathering events for the foreseeable future. For the health and safety of our participants, volunteers, spectators, staff and community it is in our best interest at this time to move the event to April of 2021. We believe this is the responsible action to take in an effort to keep everyone safe during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 

A lot of running events across the globe have been cancelled, postponed or rescheduled to a future date. The Boston Marathon moved to September 14th, a first ever for that prestigious race. The London Marathon has been rescheduled to October 4th. The Chicago Marathon is still scheduled for October but provides constant COVID-19 updates on their website. Several other marathons have been jammed into September and October (many of which are scheduled for the exact same date as our event); still with the possibility they could again be cancelled if a slight degree of social distancing restrictions remain in place.

In addition to the uncertainty of future social distancing restrictions, it may take some time for the travel and tourism industry in Hawaii to recover which creates even more uncertainty. The Maui Marathon is a destination event that attracts runners from the mainland, Canada and over 20 countries along with inter-island participants. If the travel and tourism industry continues to be suppressed due to economic challenges due to COVID-19, that will shut out a large demographic who otherwise would participate. 

We know this decision will cause some inconvenience and disappointment to some runners, but we hope that by making this decision well in advance, it will minimize the disruption to your plans.

By moving the Maui Marathon to Sunday, April 25, 2021, the Marathon Committee and Board of Directors also agreed that this will now become an annual spring event and will be held permanently in April.  The 2022 event date will be Sunday, April 24, 2022.

We are sensitive to the fact that some have already pre-registered for the originally scheduled event for 2020. The following will explain your options.

If you are a current registered participant:

  • Your registration will be deferred to April 2021 or 2022, at no extra cost. All current registrants will receive an email where they can notify us which year they would like to participate, Sunday, April 25, 2021 or Sunday, April 24, 2022.
  • Refunds: Although the Maui Marathon has a No Refund/Cancellation policy in place, if you registered after January 1, 2020 and are unable to participate in April 2021 or 2022, we will offer you a 50% refund of your entry fee (excludes online fees, insurance, & donations). We will also offer a full refund of additional purchases such as photography packages and in-training shirts (if it has not been shipped to you).  If you registered before January 1, 2020 at our early bird rate, we are unable to offer you a refund of your entry fee as you have received a special discounted entry fee.  However, if you registered at the early bird rate, your entry will automatically be rolled over to 2021 or 2022. 
  • Event Insurance: If you purchased event insurance during online registration:
  1. If you defer to 2021 the insurance policy will still be valid for the event.  If you decide not to attend the 2021 event, Fanshield will not give you a refund unless you have a valid reason for not participating in 2021.  You will have to prove, by providing documentation to support your case as to why you cannot make it to the new date in 2021.  A pandemic does not qualify as a valid reason.
  2. If you defer to 2022 the insurance policy will not be valid.  Your registration data will be deferred to 2022 but it is not possible to defer your insurance policy. 

If you are not registered for the April 25, 2021 Maui Marathon, registration is open at If you have questions about your registration entry you can email Registration with your questions.

Finally, please keep in mind that the current situation is frustrating and scary for everyone, our staff included. We thank you for your patience, understanding and kindness as we all work through these unprecedented times together.

If you have any questions or comments, please send an email to Race Director.

Looking ahead, we sincerely hope you are able to celebrate our 50th Anniversary with us next year on Sunday, April 25, 2021! 

Stay Safe and Healthy!

The Maui Marathon Race Director and Committee