Sunrise will be at 6:05 a.m. on race day, however, West Maui mountain will block sunrise for runners starting from Lahaina until about 7:00 a.m.

April is the month that temperatures begin moderating from winter to summer. Trade winds blow on average 71% of the time. In some years, Maui still sees winter-like storms far out to sea in the North Pacific, these storms sometimes produce large waves.  These early winter storms can send a cold front through the islands, which may cause rain showers. Sea water temperature average 79 F degrees. 

April averages for different locations on Maui: 

  • Lahaina 83-70 F (28C-21C) 0.90″ of precipitation
  • Hana 79-70 F (26C-21.1C) 8.10″ of precipitation
  • Kahului 84-69 F (29C-21C) 1.05″ of precipitation

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