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Sun Rise will be at 6:27am. But with West Maui mountain the actual sun will come up around 7:00am

This is the month that temperatures begin moderating from summers high heat a little! Tradewinds also begin to fade from the island weather scene. In some years, Maui begins to see the first winter-like storms that are far out to sea in the North Pacific……they sometimes can produce the first large waves of the season. Occasionally one of these early winter storms will send a weak cold front through the islands, which can cause a few showers. This month is still mild and dry. Tradewinds are blowing on the average 71% of the time. Sea water temperature averages about 79F degrees
October averages for different locations.

Maui Lahaina 88-69 F. (31.7C-20.6C) 1.09″ of precipitation.

Hana 83-70 F. (28.9C-21.1C) 7.02″ of precipitation.

Kahului 87-69 F. (30.6C-20.6C) 1.23″ of precipitation.

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