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The Inaugural Maui Marathon Relay 2017


What’s better than running 26.2 miles? Running 26.2 miles with friends on Maui! Get a team of four together and run Hawaii’s only 26.2 mile Marathon Relay. We have 3 divisions in the Relay: All men’s division, all women’s division and a mixed division. Run the same course as the full marathon and enjoy 17 miles of ocean side running!

This will be the first year for the Inaugural Marathon Relay. Please be aware that the relay teams will start the same time and place as the full marathon. It is recommended that you arrive to the race one hour before your race starts. If you are not at the start area when the gun is fired, you may not be allowed to start.


The Marathon Relay is limited to 25 teams and each team should consist of 4 members.  Teams with less than 4 members will not qualify for awards.

Team Captains or coordinators who are registering a relay team must be aware that as Captain or non-running coordinator you must be authorized by the participants to execute the Release on their behalf as their agent and your signature constitutes acceptance of the Release by you and by the participants on the team.  You are taking full responsibility for signing the electronic waiver on behalf of the participants when you sign the team up.  Please read the waiver carefully.


Team members must pick up their race packet at the Westin Resort and Spa at the Valley Isle Ballroom during the Health and Fitness Expo on the following days:

Friday, October 13th:  12:00pm-6:00pm
Saturday, October 14th:    9:00am-5:00pm

Any race entry data changes must be done at the Solutions Desk during the Health and Fitness Expo hours. There will be no changes after expo hours.


Goodie Bag includes:
-5 Bib numbers with a timing chip fixed to one of them .
-Pins for bib numbers.
-One race belt.
-Relay schedule and instructions.
-Coupons and other items from sponsors.


1. Your race packet will include a total of 5 race bibs.  Each runner must wear a race bib at all times.  The 5th race bib will have the timing chip fixed to it and the race bib will be attached to a race belt which must be handed off at each exchange point.   If this race bib does not cross the checkpoints on the course or the finish line your team may not get a time.
2. Make sure your bib is pinned to the front of your body, not on your back or sides of your body.
3. Your race bib must be worn in order to board the race shuttles to the start and exchange points.
4. Make sure it is visible to race officials when on course and coming through finish line.
5. Make sure your bib has your name on it and if you have any medical concerns race officials should know, please put that info on the back of your bib.


  • Stay hydrated!  Drink water and Gatorade.
  • Know time schedule and double check the schedule at packet pick up to be sure it did not change.
  • Arrive on time to start line.
  • Warm up properly.
  • Use the aid stations on the course.
  • Use toilets on course if you need to.
  • Make sure you have race bib on correctly in front of body.
  • Make sure you have emergency contact information with you.
  • Run smart and don’t over do it.
  • Have fun and take pictures if you want!!!

Parking & Shuttle Information:

Teams are allowed to use their own vehicle for the relay – only one vehicle per team. Participants may be dropped off adjacent to the start line location on Ho’okele St., however there is NO PARKING for private vehicles at the start line area.  Teams must drop the 1st runner off and immediately proceed to the next exchange point at N. Kihei Rd.

If you are not using your own vehicle for your team, parking will be available at the Lahaina Civic Center located at 1840 Honoapiilani Hwy.  Shuttle bus service from the Civic Center will be available starting at 2:00 am to take you to the finish line area shuttle bus pickup point where you can board the appropriate shuttle for the start line. Only the 1st runner may board the shuttle to the start line.  All other runners must board their appropriate shuttle buses which will take them to their assigned exchange point.  Race bibs must be worn to board the shuttles.

Shuttle buses will leave at 3:00 am in front of the Kaanapali Beach Hotel near the finish line. Last bus will leave at 3:45 am.  The shuttle will take you to the start line on Ho’okele St. in Kahului.  Please do not be late as there are no reserve buses or additional transportation to the start line.

There is NO parking at the finish line area.  The driver of your team vehicle will need to utilize the Lahaina Civic Center parking lot and our shuttles to get to the finish line.  We strongly suggest you secure a room at the Westin Hotel Resort & Spa for your stay so that you will have a parking spot that is within walking distance to the finish line.

Participants needing a ride back to Kahului can board the shuttle bus at the finish line area. Race bibs must be worn or available in order to board the shuttles.  The shuttles will drop participants off at the Walmart parking lot in Kahului.  Two shuttles will depart at 10:00 am and 12:00 pm only.

LEG 1 Start: Kahului (Ho’okele st) to Ma’alaea Park & Ride     

1st leg runner rides the full marathon buses in the morning leaving from the finish line area to the start. The buses start leaving the finish line at 3:00 am until 3:45 am.  Please do not be late as there are no reserve buses or additional transportation to the start line.

The start line on Ho’okele Street is just off the Hana Hwy. in Kahului.  Starting on Ho’okele street, runners leave the start line and head to the Ma’alaea Park & Ride on the corner of Honoapiilani Hwy. and N. Kihei Road, your first transition point.

End of Leg 1: Ma’alaea Park & Ride

LEG 2 Start: Ma’alaea Park & Ride     

2nd Leg Relay Runners – Buses leave the finish line area at 4:30 am. and will take you out to your starting point. This bus will wait until the last 1st leg runners come in. After all 1st leg runners are on the bus they will be taken to the finish line.

The second leg will start at Ma’alaea Park & Ride which is on the corner of Honoapiilani Hwy. and N. Kihei Road.  From the Park & Ride runners head down Honoapiilani Hwy. and over the Pali to Papalaua Beach Park, your second transition point.

End of Leg 2: Papalaua Beach Park

LEG 3 Start: Papalaua Beach Park 

3rd Leg Relay Runners – Buses leave the finish line at 5:00 am. and will take you out to your starting point.  This bus will wait until the last 2nd leg runners come in. After all 2nd leg runners are on the bus they will be taken to the finish line.

The third leg will start at Papalaua Beach Park and runs North on Honoapiilani Hwy. to Launiupoko Beach Park,  your third transition point.

End of Leg 3: Launiupoko Beach Park

LEG 4 Start: Launiupoko Beach Park 

4th Leg Relay Runners – Buses leave the finish line at 6:30 am. and will take you out to your starting point. This bus will wait until the last 3rd leg runners come in. After all 3rd leg runners are on the bus they will be taken to the finish line.

The fourth and final leg will start at Launiupoko Beach Park and runs North on Honoapiilani Hwy. to the finish line at Kaanapali Beach Resort.

End of Leg 4: Kaanapali Resort – Finish Line


Finish line will have fruit, water, Gatorade, and other goodies to eat as you cross the finish line. You may also want to bring a little money as there will be other items to buy at the finish line area.

We will have David O. Baldwin Photography – Hawaiiphotoman –  taking pictures after you finish. You may purchase them online a few days after the race is done.

If you have not purchased Maui Marathon merchandise or wanted to purchase more, you may do so after the race at the finish line area.

We will have an Info Booth available if you have any questions for both English and Japanese runners to give you information about post event schedule and activities.

Awards will be presented at 10:30am for the full marathon and relays at the Ka’anapali Beach Hotel Oceanside lawn.


You will receive 5 race bibs.  The chip timing tag will be on the back of one of the bib numbers that will be on a race belt.  This race bib must cross the finish line in order to get a time.

The marathon will have a several timing splits on the course.  You will not qualify for an award if you do not cross ALL timing splits on the course.  If you lose or do not put on your bib number, you will not receive a time.  Results will be posted at the finish line area post race, and online as you come thru the finish line.  Your team will be listed on the results with the name of your team, not with individual team member names.

Live Race Results will be available at:


A commemorative finisher medal will be given to runners in all events as they come through the finish line. Your participant shirt can be picked up at the Health And Fitness Expo on Friday and Saturday and sizes can be exchanged after races are done if shirts have not been worn and the correct size is available.


Smoking or Vaping will not be allowed near the finish line area. Please adhere to this request.


Gatorade will be the official drink of the the Maui Marathon. It will be at all 20 aid stations on the course. Please train with it if you can. This drink will help replenish the electrolytes that you lose while out on the course and sweating. Flavor will be a fruit flavor. Please replenish electrolytes as you run!  Water will also be available at all aid stations.


There will be a medical tent at the finish line helping anyone in need of assistance before, during and after the race. We will also have medical vans on the course just in case runners need help during the race and need assistance to go back to finish line. We will have 4 nurses stations on the course as well, to help with any needs runners may have during the race. Aid stations 4,9,13, and 16 will have nurses stations. We will also have a runner pick up van that will pick up runners who can not finish race, but who are not in need of medical attention. Medical will be closed promptly at 2:00pm**.


  • Be aware of traffic and surroundings at all times both during and pre/post events. If you need to cross the street at any time, look before you do so.
  • The use of iPods, mp3 players, or any other devices which distract you are discouraged in all races for the safety of all participants.
  • Always follow the directions of all race officials, Police and emergency service personnel.
  • Slower runners or walkers must start from the rear of the field.
  • Keep to the left of the course to allow people to pass on the right.
  • No running in the opposite direction at any time.
  • Use of vehicles to take the last runner to the finish line and through the finish chute is prohibited and your team will be disqualified.
  • There is an 8 hour time limit for the full marathon relay.  Anyone on the course beyond the time limit will be picked up and brought to the finish area for safety reasons.
  • Participants MUST BE 16 Years of age or older to participate in the Maui Marathon Relay.