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Frequently asked questions about the

Maui Marathon, Half Marathon, 10k and 5k

Event Certifications

1. Is the Maui Marathon course certified?

  • Yes, the Maui Marathon course is USATF certified and our race director holds the RRCA race directors certification as well!

2. Is the Maui Marathon a Boston Marathon qualifier?

  • Yes, the Maui Marathon is a Boston Marathon qualifier.

Time and Schedule

1. What time do the running events start on Sunday?

  • The marathon starts at 5:00 am at the end of Ho’okele st. in Kahului
  • The half marathon starts at 6:00 am in front of the Kaanapali Beach Hotel in Kaanapali
  • The Maui Tacos 10k starts at 6:15 am in front of the Kaanapali Beach Hotel in Kaanapali
  • The Maui Tacos 5k starts at 6:30 am in front of the Kaanapali Beach Hotel in Kaanapali

2. What time are the non-running events?

  • The Health and Fitness Expo starts Friday from 12pm-6pm and Saturday from 9am-5pm.
  • The Awards Party will be at the Kaanapali Beach Hotel across the street from the finish line.

3. Are there any shuttles for the events?

  • There are marathon shuttle buses on Sunday at 2:00am in front of the Westin Resort and Spa that will take runners to start line at the Ho’okele st. Kahului. ~30 minute ride. Those looking for parking before the 3:15am Westin shuttle departure to Kahului can park at the Lahaina Civic Center over flow parking lot where there will be a shuttle to take you to the Westin starting at 2:00am.
  • Participants needing a shuttle back to Kahului can pick one up at the finish line area. Runners will be dropped off at the Walmart parking lot.  Race bibs must be worn or available in order to board the shuttles.  Two shuttles will depart at 10:00am and 12:00pm(Noon) ONLY!!!  After that, you must use public transportation from Whalers Village, which runs every half hour to take you back to the start line location.  Please check the Maui Bus transit schedule.
  • There will be a shuttle bus for those doing the half marathon on Sunday departing at 3:45am at Ho’okele st, in Kahului, taking runners to The Maui Marathon Finish Grounds. ~30 minute ride.   Those doing the half marathon and want to park in Lahaina can park at the Lahaina Civic Center overflow parking lot.  Shuttles will start at 2am to take you from Lahaina Civic Center overflow parking lot to the Maui Marathon finish grounds, which is the start line of the half marathon.   The last shuttle leaves at 9:30am to go back to the Lahaina Civic Center over flow parking lot.
  • There will be shuttle buses on Sunday morning starting at 4:30am at the Lahaina Civic Center overflow parking lot for those attending the 5k/10k events at the Maui Marathon finish grounds in front of the Kaanapali Beach Hotel.  The last shuttle leaves at 9:30am to go back to the Lahaina Civic Center overflow parking lot.

Packet Pick-Up

1. Where do I go for packet pick-up?

  • Packet pick-up will be at The Maui Marathon Health and Fitness Expo held in the Westin Maui Resort and Spa on Friday and Saturday. There you will pick up your goodie bag, bib number and t-shirt(s) for event(s), as well as other items.

2. Do I have to present and ID?

  • We recommend you carry your ID with you just in case there could be a problem.

3. Can I pick up a friend or relatives packet?

  • Yes you can, but please bring your ID and a letter from the runner stating that you are picking up said packet for them.

4. Is there chip timing?

  • Yes. The chip is on the bib.  There will be half way point split time for the marathon.

5. Can I change my t-shirt size when I come to pick up my packet?

  • No, not at packet pick up. You may exchange your UNUSED t-shirt at the finish line area if extra shirts are available in your size. We can only give you the shirt size you registered for at packet pick up.

6. What happens if my name and info is not correct on registration?

  • It is up to the runner to make sure all information is correct when entering the event. If anything is incorrect, it will be up to the runner to email or call registration to make these changes. If you notice that changes need to be made at packet pick up, please contact registration personnel to have your registration updated.  To make changes before the event please send us an email.

7. Can I change events at the event?

  • Yes you may, but a $20 change fee will be charged to the runner and if upping in distance, the runner must pay both the $20 change fee, as well as any difference in the costs of registration. If downsizing to a smaller distance, there is no refund, but a change fee will still be assessed.

8. Do I have to pick up my packet at the expo?

  • Yes, you need to pick up your packet.  Your bib and race information is included in the packet and you will need these to run.  Race day packet pick up will NOT be available.


1. Is it hot during the event?

  • It is warm Hawaiian weather. Temperatures fluctuate between the high 60’s at start to high 70’s during the event. Low 80’s are also a possibility. This means train smart and hydrate correctly before, during and after the event.

2. How many aid stations are there on the marathon course?

  • There are 18 aid stations on the course, including start and finish lines.

3. What do the aid stations have for the runners?

  • All aid stations have water and Gatorade. Select stations have sponges, fruit and/or snack.


1. Are there medical staff at the event?

  • Yes, at the finish line of the marathon and half marathon, 5k, and 10k. There are nurses stations on the marathon course at aid stations 4, 9, 13, and 16. There is also an EMT van, 2 SAG vehicles and 1 roving vehicle to pick up runners wishing to discontinue their event.

2. What if I have a medical problem, but can run?

  • It is up to each athlete to make sure they are cleared to run, no matter how experienced you may think you are. If there are any medical conditions, allergies or the like, please put your complete information on your BIB NUMBER at packet pick-up.


1. Can I get a refund if I chose not to run anymore?

  • No, there are no refunds.
  • Bib numbers can not be transferred to anyone else.

During the race

1. Can I run with headphones?

  • For safety’s sake, we strongly discourage the use of headphones, but you may at your own risk. You must be very alert both during the race, as well as before and after, obeying all traffic laws, as well as be aware of your surroundings at all times.

2. Can I use a baby stroller and run with my child?

  • Yes you may on the 10K & 5K course only, but you must start in the back of the pack at start line. Be aware that you are taking full responsibility if your child gets injured during event, and neither The Maui Marathon, Valley Isle Road Runners, nor any of it’s sponsors can be held accountable in any situation.

3. Are there aid stations on course?

  • There are 18 aid stations on the marathon course with water, Gatorade, and other items at various locations. Please see event maps for more details.

4. What other goodies are there to look forward to on course and at the finish line?

  • There are fruit and snacks at various aid stations and refreshments as well as massage services at the finish line. There is random music throughout the course. Good fun is always available!!

5. What do I get for finishing my races?

  • Marathon : medal, water, Gatorade, snacks, entertainment
  • Half Marathon : medal, water, Gatorade, snacks, entertainment
  • 10k : medal, water, Gatorade, snacks, entertainment
  • 5k : medal, water, Gatorade, snacks, entertainment


1. Are Bag/Gear checks available?

  • Yes, for the Full Marathon only.

1. What do I do with my stuff before the race?

  • We will give you a plastic bag with name and bib number on it in your race packet. Items will be transported to finish line for you, and can be claimed there. This is for the Full Marathon only.

2. What if I can’t finish but don’t have a medical emergency?

  • There will be a roving van on course to pick you up. Please stay at closest aid station and inform the aid station captain to call dispatch to pick you up. Please be aware that this may take time.

3. Do I get a medal if I don’t finish?

  • No, sorry. You must finish the race to receive a “Finisher’s Medal”. But the t-shirt is yours to keep.

4. Are the courses well marked?

  • Yes they are. All courses are marked with cones, informative signs and course marshals at appropriate locations. Please also refer to the course maps on our website.

5. Can I wear a costume?

  • Yes, absolutely.

6. Where can spectators go to watch me run?

  • They can go to any open spot along the course where it is safe to enter and exit their vehicle without causing a safety issue to runners, spectators, volunteers and public traffic. Please be very cautious if attempting to cross traffic.

7. Can I drive myself to the start line of the Marathon?

  • Yes you can but NO PARKING IS ALLOWED AT THE START LINE AREA.  Runners must be dropped off.  There will be a shuttle bus to take runners back to Kahului at 10:00am and 12:00(noon) ONLY, leaving adjacent to the Maui Marathon Finish grounds, across from The Kaanapali Beach Hotel.

Where can I park for the event?

PLEASE BE AWARE, THERE IS NO DISCOUNT PARKING AVAILABLE AT WHALER’S VILLAGE FOR ANY EVENTs. Marathon event participants are discouraged from using the Whaler’s Village facilities due to renovations in progress.

  • Health and Fitness Expo.  This is on your own at any surrounding parking area.  You will have to pay the going rate at these parking areas.  NO DISCOUNTS.
  • Marathon & Half Marathon 10k and 5k parking will be at the Lahaina Civic Center overflow parking lot on Sunday.  It’s Free.  Shuttle from 2 am from Lahaina Civic Center overflow parking lot to the Maui Marathon finish grounds in front of Kaanapali Beach Hotel.  Any other parking is on your own with NO DISCOUNTS.